Date: 2014 - 2015

Research team: Martine Visser, Grant Smith and Johanna Brühl

The study experimentally investigated the role of improved timing and salience of information imparted in providing customers with utility bills. We specifically studied the impact of redesigning the utility bills and testing how different treatments fare in improving general understanding of the bill. We further investigated the role of timely messaging in reminding people about their consumption to improve salience issues in dealing with electricity usage.


  • Brühl, Johanna, Smith, Grant and Visser Martine. 2016.  Households' Inattention to Energy Consumption: How to Redirect Attention towards Desired Actions. Working Paper (also submitted as technical report for ESKOM)
  • Brühl, Johanna, Smith, Grant and Visser Martine. 2016. Simple is good – Redesigning a Utility Bill to reduce Complexity and Increase Consumer Understanding (also submitted as technical report for ESKOM)