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Current graduate students

Emilio Titus (Masters)
  • Thesis title: Solving a social dilemma using behaviourally-framed text messaging to increase school fees contribution in public schools in South Africa
Charles Preston (Masters)
  • Thesis title: Experimental investigation of risk attitudes and smoking
Rowan Philip Clarke (Masters)
  • Thesis title: Habit formation, information frictions, and pricing health and environmental products with repeat purchases: Evidence from randomized trials in Rwanda
Tarryn Beattie (Masters)
  • Thesis title: Decomposing trust into risk preferences, prosocial preferences, and beliefs
Brynde Kreft (Masters)
  • Thesis title: Behavioural responses to inherited inequality
Mark Schneider (PhD)
  • Thesis title: Experimental studies in financial literacy of risk officers and financial advisors
Chalmers Mulwa (PhD)
  • Thesis title: The role of climate information in dealing with uncertainty amongst farmers
Rebecca Klege (PhD)
  • Thesis title: Studying gender and competitiveness amongst entrepreneurs in the renewable lighting sector in Rwanda
Grant Smith (PhD)
  • Thesis title: Utility Tariffs and Social Welfare in the City of Cape Town